DNA Testing For Health

Benefits of DNA Testing


There are companies that can analyze your DNA for you. This has many benefits. These tests can give you insight into your genetic risk of acquiring certain illnesses. At this time, DNA testing can inform you of your risk level for more than 100 diseases. DNA testing is also invaluable in determining what medications you can safely take. Depending on your DNA, some medication can be harmful to you or ineffective. DNA testing can reveal the role that genes play in the efficacy of more than 120 medications. This will save you the pain of suffering from side effects from medication. DNA testing can also show you what skin care products your body is most compatible with. It has even been used to customize fitness plans. Your DNA can yield insights into the best workout schedules and fitness goals for you. Importantly, dna test can also tell you how to maintain the health of your brain into old age.


Genetic Concept Inc. is one company that has revolutionized the field of DNA testing. They have a proprietary methodology that allows them to analyze more than 100,000 genetic markers. It is known as Illumina HumanOmniExpress. Compared to other methods, it provides a higher level of analysis when applied to determining genome-wide associations. It outperforms competing technology when giving you actionable information for you health, fitness, and skincare needs. It is fast and painless to do DNA testing. A sample can be collected from your saliva alone. This means it is safe, easy, cheap, and non-invasive. Having your DNA tested has never been easier than it is today. It is just as effective as blood based methods of analyzing your DNA.


Your DNA is like an instruction manual that tells your cells how to maintain the health of your body. DNA testing can give you valuable information about your health.