DNA Testing For Health

Genetic Testing Services Offered By Geneti Concept

Genetic testing often provides valuable information, and this information can drastically improve your health and well being. All of this information is contained within one's DNA. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to go about getting their DNA tested. However, a company called Geneti Concept is making DNA testing readily available to anyone who wants it.


How Does Geneti Concept Work:


When you order genetic testing from Geneti Concept, they ship a collector to your home within a few days. Then, you send back the collector containing your saliva. Geneti Concept's state of the art laboratory analyzes the data, and they send you back your genetic information. This information is highly detailed. More than one hundred thousand genetic markers are closely examined, and this provides information on a wide variety of subjects, such as advice on improving your fitness, problems that could arise with your personal health, how you can be expected to react to more than 100 medications, and even information about your brain pathways!


Where Can You Use Geneti Concept's Products:


Geneti Concept's products are available throughout the world. If you are located in any of the 50 countries that they ship their products to, you can use their services. This includes all of Europe and the United States.


What Does It Cost:


The price depends on the region of the world that you are located in. You can get their services in the United States for 279 dollars. It is 279 euros throughout most of Europe. In the UK, their services are a bit cheaper, at 185 euros.


Is Geneti Concept Easy To Get In Touch With:


Yes. You can easily get in touch with Geneti Concept by email. If you have any problems with something you ordered, they will assist you. You also can ask them general information regarding their products. Learn more about dna test come visit us at Anabolicgenes.com.